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Our podcasts feature interviews with industry experts, thought leaders and customers who share their insights on the latest trends in logistics. Listen to the episodes and learn how Sterling can help you achieve your logistics goals.

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Quick's Senior Vice President of Marketing sat down with host, Chris Riback to talk about the launch of the Quick Conversations podcast. Marie shares how the Quick team of logistics leaders came together to share their stories, solutions and secrets behind making the impossible happen every day – where shipments are always urgent and time-critical. From life-saving drugs to organs for transplants or delivering the aeroplane part needed to get your grounded flight back in the air – these are shipments where expert execution is all part of a day's work and not negotiable.

Each program will focus on the many variables that go into keeping a global supply chain running smoothly – and more specifically, what goes into managing logistics for industries including healthcare, life science, aviation and technology companies around the world.