Reliable access to critical aircraft parts from the US’ largest OEM just got faster. Keep your aircraft in the sky with our brand-new shuttle service.

At Sterling, we understand that the aviation industry operates at an intense pace, and having reliable and fast access to aircraft parts is critical to keeping your fleet flying.

As a trusted logistics partner for delivering time-sensitive aerospace solutions, we are excited to introduce our game-changing solution—our Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) shuttle service gets you rapid access to components from Seattle’s largest OEM.

From there, we can take your parts anywhere around the globe, ensuring that your operations remain seamless no matter the destination.
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Our commitment to efficiency and your business's success has led us to create this dedicated shuttle service for commercial operating clients. With Sterling, you now have unparalleled access to essential aircraft parts, allowing you to keep operating to peak performance. Here's what our shuttle service brings to the table:

Speedy pick-up and drop-off

Every second counts in aviation. That’s why our dedicated team of drivers guarantee first- and last-mile excellence. When it comes to urgent parts from Seattle’s major OEM, you can trust Sterling to be your fastest option.

Expand your 

Our solution isn’t just about speed—it’s about increasing your global coverage. With the capacity to move up to one pallet of cargo at a time, you can have the essential components you need moving quickly to SEA and then shipped around the world.

Minimize downtime delays

When time is critical, choosing our shuttle service significantly reduces maintenance downtime. We understand that downtime delays can have a significant impact on your bottom line, which is why we’re dedicated to getting you the parts you require on time and intact.



David Newman discusses new, dedicated aerospace solutions in Seattle

Dedicated and rapid access to OEM resources is a game changer for the aerospace market. Learn how Sterling’s new service can drive efficiency and reduce downtime for your aircraft.



Dan Conrad discusses Sterling's dedicated shuttle service in Seattle

There's a tremendous amount of OEM activity coming out of Seattle. We've put together dedicated assets to get in and out of the OEM locations very quickly.



Sterling’s Steve Wilson provides an overview of our Seattle logistics service hub

A service focused on first-mile efficiency and enhanced chain of custody to move critical AOG parts through the supply chain.

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