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Sterling's Global Air Charter service offers a fast, flexible and reliable way to get aircraft parts to where they need to be, anywhere in the world. It is staffed by experts with specific aviation experience, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

A grounded aircraft could mean thousands of dollars in lost revenue. To meet the most urgent Aircraft on Ground (AOG) needs, Sterling offers Global Air Charter services. Our worldwide network of more than 3,500 charter aircraft includes everything from small, single-engine aircraft and helicopters to Boeing 747s. We can fly in and out of airports not serviced by commercial airlines or where direct flights might not usually go.

Each of Sterling's Air Charter experts has specific aviation experience in maintenance control, flight operations, aircraft parts manufacturing and crew scheduling. They know firsthand what you’re up against.

Round-the-clock global AOG logistics

Speed and flexibility are only the beginning. Global Air Charter also offers:

  • Round-the-clock access to Air Charter specialists. Get accurate rate quotes within 15 minutes of your call.
  • Door-to-door pick-up and delivery. This includes planeside delivery for any size or weight of aircraft parts and an unmatched chain of custody.
  • In-depth knowledge of customs regulations and inbound charter requirements for countries worldwide.
  • Real-time tracking and point-by-point notification at each milestone. Includes proof of delivery via QuickOnline 2.0, our advanced online logistics management software.

Success Story

Urgent AOG situation strands 335 passengers in 86°F/30°C temperatures