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Sterling's Aircraft Parts Exchange program reduces turnaround time and keeps supply chains running smoothly. Our exchange management specialists track core units and get exchange parts where they are needed quickly.

It is time-consuming and expensive to track which Aircraft on Ground (AOG) exchange units have been returned—and it slows down processes. That’s why Sterling developed an Aircraft Parts Exchange program that reduces turnaround time and keeps your supply chain running smoothly.

With more than 40 years of global aviation logistics experience, our exchange management specialists track core units and quickly get exchange parts where they are needed. 

Sterling's Exchange Management program gives you:

  • Same-day or next-day advance exchange delivery to most destinations worldwide.
  • Detailed return shipping instructions and automated daily reminders of open AOG exchanges. We make it easy for customers to schedule a return pick-up.
  • Direct Next Flight Out or next-day delivery of return units. Increase the speed of aircraft parts repair and return processes.
  • Time-stamped proof of delivery for advance exchanges and off-unit returns.
  • Real-time exchange tracking and status via QuickOnline 2.0, our advanced online logistics management software.
  • Custom reports provide detailed aircraft parts, serial and FIN numbers. Get a snapshot of the inventory and off units.

When every minute matters, call the aviation logistics specialists.

Case Study

Urgent AOG situation strands
335 passengers in 86 fahrenheit
/30 celcius temperatures