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Back QuickOnline 2.0 – The Future of Logistics

The leading logistics software is getting even better.

Rebuilt from the ground up using the latest technologies and development languages, Sterling’s leading global supply chain logistics platform will do everything it always has—and then some.

Easier access

  • Secure log-in options will provide access via user ID, multifactor authentication and shared control of passwords.
  • Simplified registration process and new password policy with added security.
  • Give key partners access to QuickOnline 2.0 to further streamline your supply chain. A responsive design will deliver the same user experience across all devices.

Enhanced efficiency

  • Improved templates, address book management and autofill capabilities will result in faster, simplified order entry.
  • An advanced user design will strategically organize critical information and reduce scrolling.
  • Dynamic, real-time updates to the Order Preview as users move through the process will enhance accuracy.
  • Supports uploading and downloading of the documents required for clients’ domestic and international shipments.

Greater visibility

  • A shipment milestone timeline will give you a simple, visual summary of shipments in progress.
  • An innovative interactive map will allow you to locate information and manage shipments quickly.
  • Complete integration with GPS devices will provide up-to-the-minute sensor data.
  • Fully integrated live airline data will show current status, delays, actual departures and position of aircraft.
  • An updated monitor and shipment details auto-refresh feature will ensure you’re always seeing the latest live data.

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