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Back Expediting Aircraft Parts Through Customs / 8 Tips to Minimize the Risk of Shipment Delay

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Every day we hear the tremendous impact that delayed or ground aircraft can have. It’s an understatement to say that AOG shipments are extremely time-critical. We also know that unforeseen customs mishaps can create some very serious problems. To help avoid customs issues and their major repercussions, we’ve created a new eBook, “Expediting Aircraft Parts Through Customs,” which features eight ways you can minimize the risk of a customs shipment delay.

I’d like to give you a little preview of what’s covered in this eBook and share tip number one:

Prepare your invoice correctly.
A commercial invoice form determines the true value of the imported goods for assessment of duties and taxes.

It must include:

  • The buyer and seller
  • The date and terms of sale
  • Quantity
  • Weight and/or volume
  • Type of packaging
  • Description of goods
  • Unit value and total value, besides insurance shipping and other charges.

There are seven more practical tips included in this eBook, all designed to help you move your AOG shipments through customs with the speed and efficiency they require.