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Mike LoRusso, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Quick Specialty Logistics, joins host Chris Riback for his second Quick Conversations podcast. In this episode, Mike shares the wealth of knowledge that comes from a career in both financial and logistics management. He fully understands the urgency of high-tech and IT services – whether it's a component that needs to be immediately replaced or a data center moved.

It goes without saying that for most businesses, technology is their lifeblood. For high tech, that can mean integral parts that run exabytes of data in milliseconds of time. For financial services and other businesses, it means data centers that serve as their nerve centers. In this program, he covers what goes into delivering finely-tuned technology logistics and discusses what it takes to: 

  • Respond to the need for high-tech parts, required immediately to keep an assembly line moving.
  • Relocate data centers and other IT equipment – which demands speed, precision and care – from breakdown to re-assembly.
  • Responsibly discard or reuse massive corporate technology and data center systems.

This podcast will resonate with those who live in these worlds, who will also benefit from hearing the high-tech logistics best practices of Mike and his team.