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Back From Clinical Trials to Commercialization: The Pharma/Healthcare Global Supply Chain | Sterling Global Aviation Logistics

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The pharma/healthcare global supply chain is, needless to say, a complex and extensive one. It's also a time-critical one, with careful planning, coordination and execution that's simply non-negotiable. The road from clinical trials to final delivery of drugs into the marketplace must be carefully followed — with a complex journey that includes scientific labs, manufacturing sites, distribution centers, and ultimately, patients.

This special episode of Quick Conversations features a guest speaker from our parent company, Kuehne+Nagel: Robert Coyle, Senior Vice President of Pharma and Healthcare Strategy. He joins QuickSTAT's Scott Ohanesian, Senior Vice President Commercial Operations, Clinical Trial Logistics, for an in-depth conversation about the pharma/healthcare global supply chain. Host Chris Riback leads this informative discussion on the full product lifecycle that centers around: 

  • The strategic components of this vital lifeline
  • The significant planning and strategy required
  • How all of the players in the pharma/healthcare supply chain can best communicate and coordinate
  • How to be prepared when unexpected events — including one of the magnitude of COVID-19 — dictate an immediate shift in plans

Robert and Scott's expertise covers the end-to-end planning and execution of pharma/healthcare logistics. They share that expertise in this fascinating conversation about this life-changing and life-saving global supply chain.