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A VIP's business jet was grounded in Saint Kitts due to a faulty battery. Sterling arranged for a charter aircraft to transport a new battery from Chicago, Illinois, and hand-delivered it to the business jet. The VIP was able to depart for Los Angeles Airport as scheduled.

Chartered aircraft to transport battery from Chicago to Saint Kitts. Handled customs and arranged for hand-delivery of battery.


A business jet with a VIP client on board was scheduled to depart Saint Kitts in the Caribbean. Prior to departure, the crew discovered a main battery needed replacing. The VIP urgently needed to get back to Los Angeles Airport – so time was of the essence.
The only battery available was in Chicago, Illinois in the US and since it was considered Dangerous Goods could not be shipped on a passenger aircraft.


  • Scheduled a charter aircraft to transport the battery from the US to Saint Kitts – which was in the air within an hour of client's call
  • Arranged for landing permits, customs clearance and pick-up of the battery
  • Hand-delivered the battery, which arrived on time and cleared customs quickly.