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Back Major MRO supports special aircraft refurbishment and modification projects globally | Sterling Global Aviation Logistics

A global MRO provider needed to transport custom parts and specialized tooling quickly and safely around the world. Sterling coordinated the movement of all shipments and ensured that there were no delays.

Coordinated the movement of custom parts and specialized tooling via Next Flight Out. Ensured that all shipments arrived on time.
Communicated with client's brokers to ensure seamless import/export processes.


Working with a prominent VIP clientele, this global MRO provider repairs and/or refurbishes one-of-a-kind custom parts at sites around the world, moving them back and forth from designated MRO Completion Centers as fast as possible.
These projects, as in the case of one wide body business jet that was being refurbished, require specialized tooling that must also be transported quickly and safely. The MRO often also needs to deploy field teams to MRO Completion Centers to assist. Project schedules are extremely tight and the MRO faces penalties if deadlines are not met.


  • Coordinates the movement of specialized tooling at the beginning and end of each project via Next Flight Out
  • Manages the roundtrip transportation of custom parts needed to be repaired or refurbished
  • Continuously monitors all shipments throughout transit to ensure there are no delays
  • Communicates with client's brokers to ensure seamless import/export processes for repairs and new parts