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Back Urgent AOG situation strands 335 passengers in 86°F/30°C temperatures | Sterling Global Aviation Logistics

Sterling hand-delivered a critical part from Phoenix, Arizona to Nassau International Airport in the Bahamas within 10 hours, allowing 335 passengers to continue their journey.

Coordinated pick-up and hand delivery of the ECU from Phoenix to Miami. Chartered a plane to transport the ECU from Miami to Nassau. Delivered the ECU within 10 hours of the original call.


A large commercial airliner was grounded in a popular Caribbean destination during a busy winter holiday season – stranding 335 passengers. Mechanics determined that the Auxiliary Power Unit's (APU) Electronic Control Unit (ECU) needed to be replaced. The ECU controls the APU, a smaller type engine that provides an aircraft with air conditioning and electrics while on the ground and is also used to start the engine. After having spent two hours parked in 86ºF/30ºC temperatures with passengers on board and no air conditioning, the airline was forced to ground the aeroplane and offload passengers. The closest supplier for the ECU was in Phoenix, Arizona – which also meant finding accommodation for passengers overnight


  • Scheduled pick-up of the ECU from the vendor in Phoenix, Arizona
  • A Sterling On-Board Courier hand carried the part from Phoenix to Miami, Florida via the Next Available Flight out
  • Arranged a charter plane to transport the ECU from Miami International Airport to Nassau International Airport
  • Delivered the shipment by 10am EST the next morning, just 10 hours after the original call