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Sterling offers a suite of innovative technology solutions to provide complete control, visibility and tracking of your shipments. Our QuickOnline 2.0 platform is a single, user-friendly interface that provides access to everything you need to manage your supply chain.

Quick Trac

An integrated proprietary ERP (enterprise resource planning) system that offers sophisticated shipment management and control.


QuickOnline 2.0

The most advanced AOG and aviation logistics software.


Support software

Specialized solutions designed to ensure chain of custody, control and supply chain efficiency.



Complete control and shipment status visibility 

Each shipment arrives on time through a system of checks and balances. Based on pre-set business rules, customizable alarms and alerts provide event information that may impact your deadline.    

Real-time milestone tracking and notifications

Your shipments are tracked in real-time with movement status history and have customized notifications for each milestone. GPS solutions monitor shipment conditions for integrity, including temperature, humidity, shock, light and orientation change.

Customer system integrations and APIs for optimal logistics management

Offering extensive EDI (electronic data interchange) and API (application programming interface) capabilities. This includes providing standard and non-standard EDI for orders, status updates, invoices, statements and reports.


QuickOnline 2.0 — the future of AOG and aviation logistics technology

  • A single platform offers access to everything you need
  • Simplified order entry through advanced design
  • Detailed and customized activity reporting and budgeting

Support software — Specialized solutions to manage your supply chain

Quick Board

The digital signage system monitors incoming and outgoing shipments in real time. Use it to make quicker decisions for planning, staffing and scheduling.


Inventory management services

Access your data live and online by location, part number or description. Availability and quantities are automatically adjusted when parts are shipped or replenished.

QuickOnline 2.0 Mobile — get the information you need wherever you are, right from your smartphone

Place an order
Enter a new order from anywhere

Real-time information
View and access shipments, whether in progress or already delivered

Use auto-dial to connect instantly with the Sterling control tower handling your shipment

Query any shipment by entering a tracking number

…and more
GPS, barcode scanning, shipment milestones, live airline feeds, proof of delivery and more