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Back Next-gen Tech: Connecting Aviation Companies to Their Global SupplyChain | Sterling Global Aviation Logistics

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A strong supply chain depends upon many things, not the least of which is access to real-time information, communications and technology. And it's imperative that all of the stakeholders throughout the supply chain are continuously in sync. In this episode, host Chris Riback is joined by Michael McNally, Vice President of IT Product Management and Steve Wilson, Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Sterling Global Aviation Logistics, for an informative, timely discussion. The topic: the global aviation supply chain — and how to keep it on track. Their conversation focuses on one of the critical elements to do just that: technology. Michael and Steve share their insights on how technology can support the aviation industry's supply chain needs. They also provide a ''coming attractions'' overview of QuickOnline 2.0 — the newest version of our online logistics tool designed to specifically manage AOG and aviation logistics.

This episode covers some of the key questions that keep those in the aviation industry up at night: 

  • With the vaccine rollout hopefully getting us on the road out of the pandemic, how can having the right technology support that journey?
  • What are the industry trends and requirements that technology needs to address?
  • What does it take, in terms of providing transparency of shipment status and targeted communications, to ensure you're staying connected to your supply chain stakeholders in real time?

Michael and Steve address those questions and more, discussing how leading technology can lead the way to successfully managing your global logistics projects.