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Back Transcript: Quick Group IT Roundtable – Part 2 | Sterling Global Aviation Logistics

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Among the many business lessons that moved from the back pages to headline news since the onset of the pandemic: the complexity and importance of maintaining the global supply chain — the lifeblood for all companies. Even during a pandemic, aircraft parts and life-saving cell and gene therapies still need to be shipped. That's why the sophisticated technologies required to keep each part of the global supply chain must move seamlessly and securely.

Our panelists are all part of The Quick Group IT team, who support the company's four business units — Sterling Global Aviation Logistics, QuickSTAT Global Life Science Logistics and Quick Specialty Logistics. The four technology leaders who joined our dynamic virtual roundtable included: 

  • Eric Bischoff, Chief Information Technology Officer
  • Michael McNally, Vice President of IT Product Management
  • Ed Wendell, Director of User and System Support Documentation and Training
  • Bob Rottinger, Director of IT Infrastructure and Compliance

Now, in Part 2 of this two-part series, ''The Show Must Go On,'' we pick up where Part 1 left off — gaining best practices from The Quick Group's technology professionals and learning what all of that back and front end expertise means for clients. And through it all, pushing for continuous improvement which is, in the words of one of our IT experts, is ''constant and never-ending.''

Host Chris Riback kicked off this episode by asking Eric Bischoff about the best practices that remain top of mind for him, as we approach the one-year mark of the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's Part 2 of our IT roundtable discussion, ''The Show Must Go On.''