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Back Dangerous Goods Logistics Solution - Hazardous Materials Air Cargo Transport

Sterling's team of IATA-certified experts help you ship dangerous goods quickly and safely. We offer a variety of services to ensure your dangerous goods shipments are compliant and arrive on time.

Improper classification, insufficient packaging or incorrect paperwork can slow the delivery of your dangerous goods and hazardous materials (HAZMAT). It disrupts your supply chain, costing added time and money. 

Our global team of International Air Transport Association (IATA)-certified experts is available 24 hours a day. They verify your shipments, comply with IATA regulations and choose the best route to ship your dangerous goods quickly and safely.

With decades of experience in dangerous goods and aviation logistics, Sterling expedites your shipments, minimizes the risk of delays and provides:

  • Round-the-clock access to certified IATA experts who are up-to-speed on global rules and regulations governing dangerous goods transport 
  • Priority pick-up and delivery anywhere in the world. Includes a pre-shipment review of paperwork to ensure compliance and avoid potential delays.
  • Fast, secure air and ground transportation solutions such as Next Flight Out, Next Drive Out, Global Priority Freight and Global Air Charters. 
  • Consultation and support on proper classification, labelling, documentation and packaging.
  • GPS capabilities for real-time tracking and monitoring of shipments.
  • Unmatched chain of custody. Individual tracking with unique aircraft part ID to monitor shipment during transit.
  • Real-time tracking, alerts and point-by-point notification at each milestone with QuickOnline 2.0, our advanced online logistics management software.

When every minute matters, call the aviation logistics specialists.

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Dangerous Goods AOG part needed in the US for weekend delivery