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Sterling’s AeroRide™ Priority Ground service is a fast, secure and affordable ground transport for oversized aircraft parts. It offers a variety of features and benefits to ensure your shipments arrive on time and in perfect condition.

When your Aircraft on Ground (AOG) shipments are too big for a standard box truck but don’t need an entire flatbed, there is Sterling’s AeroRide™ Priority Ground service. Our custom-built fleet of straight trucks offers expedited, safe and affordable ground transport for your flaps, slats, nose cowls, engines, engine inlets and other valuable or fragile oversized aircraft parts.

Each truck is equipped with AirRide Control™, a vibration monitoring system that ensures AeroRide™ is functioning correctly. These aviation-focused trucks meet the most stringent Department of Defense and military specifications for moving critical components.

Safe priority AOG ground transportation

With the industry's fastest response and delivery times, AeroRide™ Priority Ground services give you:    

  • Round-the-clock pick-up 365 days a year, direct drive delivery and end-to-end security. Your shipments are never consolidated with others. 
  • Custom-designed straight team trucks. Boxes are 22’ long and 102” wide with two curtain sides for easier and safer loading of oversized, fragile aircraft parts.
  • Dedicated, specially trained drivers for fast, secure delivery any time of the day or night.
  • Unmatched chain of custody and quality control with complete AirRide monitoring data.
  • Full hazardous materials (HAZMAT) certification for handling aircraft parts considered dangerous goods. 
  • GPS capabilities track the exact time in transit. Instant alerts for potential traffic delays allow shipments to be quickly rerouted.
  • Real-time tracking and point-by-point notification at each milestone. Includes proof of delivery via QuickOnline 2.0, our advanced online logistics management software.

Success Story

Critical part for an AOG situation needed for Australian Government rescue operation during COVID-19 pandemic.