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A commercial carrier's Boeing 767 was grounded in Accra, Ghana. Sterling arranged a charter flight to deliver a replacement part and secured overflight permits for 7 countries in 5 hours. The part was installed within 24 hours.

Charter flight delivered part in 3 hours. Overflight permits secured in 5 hours for 7 countries.


A major global commercial carrier had a Boeing 767 aircraft that was hard grounded in Accra, Ghana. This left 185 passengers stranded and the airline facing $100,000 or more in potential costs for each hour the flight was delayed.
The technical part that needed replacing was designated as Dangerous Goods and could only be shipped into Ghana via CAO (Cargo Aircraft Only). The closest available part was in New Jersey in the US. With limited CAO routings to Accra, the estimated transit time for the part to arrive was 4+ days.


  • Arranged charter aircraft to carry the Dangerous Goods part to Accra, which was in the air within 3 hours
  • Secured Over Flight permits in just 5 hours for Gambia, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Guinea and Ghana
  • Delivered the part with no delay, which was installed within 24 hours of the original request