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Sterling used a combination of air and ground transportation to deliver large parts across the US for an airline manufacturer and supplier. The parts were delivered on time, despite poor road conditions and a storm.

Delivered parts via air and ground transportation. Delivered parts on time despite poor road conditions and a storm.


An airline manufacturer and supplier was on a very tight production deadline to deliver aircraft on time to their clients. They needed a number of large parts shipped across the US to two different locations. Ground transportation would have taken 4 to 5 days – resulting in the OEM missing their deadlines and incurring penalties.


  • Booked AOG shipment on a freighter service to travel from Milan to Hong Kong and then on to Sydney
  • Met the shipment upon arrival in Sydney and transported rotor blades via one of Sterling's specialized AeroRide™ team straight trucks
  • Started on the 26-hour, 2,194 km trip from Sydney to Townsville
  • Rerouted shipment in transit based on poor road conditions and closed highways
  • Delivered shipment in the midst of the storm with only a 3 hour delay of the original estimate