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Back Sterling supports OEM and Queensland Government Air during Tropical Cyclone Iris | Sterling Global Aviation Logistics

QGAir's AW139 helicopter was grounded in Far North Queensland, Australia. Sterling arranged for the delivery of five main rotor blades from Milan, Italy, via Hong Kong and Sydney. The shipment was delivered in the midst of tropical cyclone Iris, with only a 3-hour delay.

Shipment traveled from Milan to Sydney via freighter service. Sterling transported rotor blades via AeroRide™ team straight truck from Sydney to Townsville. Shipment was delivered with only a 3-hour delay.


  • Queensland Government Air (QGAir) had a hard grounded situation on one of their Public Safety Business Agencies Rescue AW139 helicopters. The OEM needed five main rotor blades moved from Milan, Italy to Townsville in Far North Queensland, Australia where the helicopter was grounded.
  • At the same time, tropical cyclone Iris was bearing down on Far North Queensland. The Category 3 storm was expected to bring heavy rains and high winds. Due to the severe weather, QGAir needed all its emergency and rescue crews ready – which meant the AOG parts were needed urgently


  • Booked AOG shipment on a freighter service to travel from Milan to Hong Kong and then on to Sydney
  • Met the shipment upon arrival in Sydney and transported rotor blades via one of Sterling's specialized AeroRide™ team straight trucks
  • Started on the 26-hour, 2,194 km trip from Sydney to Townsville
  • Rerouted shipment in transit based on poor road conditions and closed highways
  • Delivered shipment in the midst of the storm with only a 3 hour delay of the original estimate