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Back Urgent AOG part from the UK to Hong Kong needed to complete heavy maintenance check | Sterling Global Aviation Logistics

Sterling arranged for a special delivery of an aircraft seat part from Northern Ireland to Hong Kong. The part was delivered within 32 hours, despite the timing constraints.

Scheduled a special delivery of the part from Belfast to Dublin and then to Hong Kong. Provided real-time updates to the client on the status of the delivery.


An Austrian aircraft needed to terminate its heavy maintenance check on a Boeing 777 in Hong Kong within five days. The aircraft seat part needed was sourced from Northern Ireland, which was ordered and released late on a Friday afternoon. The part had to arrive in Hong Kong as soon as possible over the weekend. Normally small shipments such as this (39cm x 24cm x 24cm, weighing 3 kg) can fly from Belfast. However, booking must be done by 5pm – which was not possible due to timing.


  • Scheduled pick up of aircraft part from the vendor in Northern Ireland
  • Booked shipment on the first Aer Lingus flight leaving Dublin for London the next morning
  • Arranged a driver for a special delivery from Belfast to Dublin to make the flight
  • Recovered the freight from Aer Lingus upon arrival in London and transshipped the part to Cathay Pacific
  • Provided real-time updates to the client on the status of the transshipment to coordinate the maintenance check
  • Delivered the part within 32 hours of the original request