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Back Our Mission - Innovative and Reliable Logistics Solutions

Sterling provides high-quality global transportation and logistics services. We are committed to innovation, precision, and results.

Sterling's mission is to provide the highest quality global transportation and logistics services for time-critical packages, urgent materials or out-of-the ordinary shipping needs.

Our focus is to continually enhance and invest in our team, infrastructure and global network to ensure that customers' needs are always met, even in the most complex and demanding situations. We will combine and adapt all available resources to meet our customers' needs and to ensure the results they expect.


Develop and perfect logistics processes and technology, staying at the forefront of innovation in the temperature-monitoring solutions, tracking technologies and packaging improvements aimed at reaching new levels of logistics sophistication.


Deliver the highest-quality global priority transportation and logistics solutions and take all necessary steps to ensure on-time delivery, safety and security of customers' shipments tendered to our care.


Practice the art of communication with our customers and within our company, and work together as a team to ensure your most challenging logistics needs are met with the highest expertise, efficiency and understanding.

Case Study

Urgent AOG situation strands
335 passengers in 86 fahrenheit
/30 celcius temperatures