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CAE comes to the rescue during Covid-19 to manufacture 10,000 life-saving ventilators for the Government of Canada

Ventilators, as we’ve learned during the coronavirus pandemic, are vital when treating critically ill COVID-19 patients. We also learned that more ventilators were needed than hospitals had in supply. CAE, one of Canada's leading aerospace firms, stepped up early on during the COVID-19 pandemic to help address the ventilator shortage, with a commitment to produce and supply 10,000 made-in-Canada CAE Air1 ventilators as a result of a contract signed with the Government of Canada. The ventilators were destined for hospitals across Canada to help save the lives of patients battling the disease.

Employees from 45 departments worked on the CAE Air1 ventilator which has over 500 parts, which were supplied by more than 130 Canadian vendors.

In addition, CAE leveraged its global supply chain to source scarce N95 masks for humanitarian purposes. In total, the company was able to source 600,000 of these critical pieces of PPE, which were delivered to the Quebec and Manitoba governments to support frontline healthcare workers.

The Sterling Global Aviation Logistics team was proud to be a crucial part of CAE’s supply chain for this project to help save lives. Our specialists created a comprehensive logistics plan to deliver these parts safely and as quickly as possible, despite the complexity of the pandemic situation, the lack of commercial aircraft lift and rapidly changing government restrictions.

Our team, who are experienced in operating through unexpected events and unforeseen circumstances, designed creative routing plans to get the job done. Most shipments containing these critical components to CAE were intra-Canada, utilizing Sterling’s secure Next Drive Out Service from Ontario to Quebec, and the parts from Europe and the US were shipped via a combination Next Flight Out and Next Drive Out Service. Mission accomplished!

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