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QuickSTAT update on the situation in Russia/Ukraine

As of this writing, airspace over Ukraine is closed and there are no inbound/outbound flights at this time. Flight plans between other countries that pass near Ukraine have been modified, which may result in longer flight times.

QuickSTAT is closely monitoring the current, very fluid situation in Ukraine and Russia and will continue to keep you updated as new information becomes available. In the meantime, please refer to the below:

Ukraine FAQs:

Q: Which if any airlines are still accepting freight and flying into Ukraine (from United States, Singapore and United Kingdom)?

A: Airspace in Ukraine is closed, no inbound/outbound.

Q: Is there alternative flight routing available to us?

A: No alternative flight options. Airspace in Ukraine is closed.

Q: What is your advice regarding continuing to ship at risk into Ukraine?

A: Currently no routes into Ukraine. QuickSTAT is exploring alternative options. Any shipments in transit will be returned to their origin.

Q: What is the feedback from your partner offices in Ukraine?

A: Airspace is closed and the airport is closed. Companies, including the QuickSTAT's local service provider's office is closed today.

Q: Do we have an option to drive shipments into Ukraine?

A: Currently there are no options for QuickSTAT to enter Ukraine by road.

Q: Potential for a cyberattack on Ukraine's air traffic control?

A: Airspace is currently closed. QuickSTAT will monitor this situation.

Russia FAQs

Q: What airlines are currently still accepting bookings and flying into Russia, and is there limited capacity?

A: QuickSTAT's preferred carriers into Russia from the United Kingdom are not taking bookings until after March 3rd. More details to follow on alternative options.

Q: If Russian banks are sanctioned, will this impact payment of duties and taxes for shipments being imported into Russia?

A: The majority of our clients' shipments to Russia are cleared by the Importer of Record's broker with payment of duties and taxes being paid locally. QuickSTAT is reviewing how/if we can support shipments that are sent DDP with our finance team.

Q: If the conflict increases, do we expect an impact on airspace in other surrounding countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany and Romania)?

A: There are no reports that airspace has been impacted to/from these regions at this present time; the situation is being closely monitored by QuickSTAT's network team. It's been reported that airspace in Belarus is closed, our main carrier (Turkish Airlines) is not accepting bookings. More details on this to follow.