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Back Financing For Aviation Parts Suppliers - Aircraft Parts Loan

Sterling's AOG Loan-Borrow service gets grounded aircraft back in the air quickly and affordably. We offer a variety of transportation solutions to get parts to you swiftly and track them in real time.

When you have a grounded aircraft, sometimes the fastest solution is borrowing parts. However, it’s not always the most economical. Sterling developed its Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Loan-Borrow service, so you get back in the air with lower fees. 

AOG Loan services focus on getting borrowed aircraft parts to you quickly and minimizing time on the ground. AOG Recovery reduces overall expenses by returning those borrowed aircraft parts to owners faster. We can also convert a loan into an exchange with our parts Exchange Management services.

Our AOG experts work with you to choose the fastest and most cost-effective solution, giving you:

  • Round-the-clock priority pick-up and delivery anywhere in the world. Includes door-to-door, counter-to-counter, door-to-airport, hold for pick-up and drop-ship services.
  • Same-day delivery to most destinations around the globe can potentially shorten loans by as much as a day.
  • Fast, secure air and ground transportation solutions. Includes Next Flight Out, Next Drive Out, Priority Air Freight, On Board Courier hand carry and Global Air Charters.
  • Unmatched chain of custody with individual tracking. Individual tracking with unique aircraft part ID to monitor shipment during transit.
  • GPS capabilities to track parts and send instant alerts of potential delays for quick shipment rerouting.
  • Real-time tracking and point-by-point notification at each milestone with QuickOnline 2.0, our advanced online logistics management software.
  • Long-standing relationships with the global airline network. Deliveries are expedited to anywhere in the world, even the most remote locations.

Case study

Urgent AOG situation strands
335 passengers in 86°F/30°C temperatures